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Black Computer Solution

Black Computer Solution

The Black Computer provides security at your convenience for both users and organisations. It has a dual operating system and network that allows users to operate in both trusted (intranet) and untrusted (internet) environment securely without compromising productivity.


  • Performs Network Isolation
    Through its hardware-defined segregation technology, the system is able to safely perform network isolation in guarding against any exploitation such as ransomware.


  • Clean Operating System after every reboot for internet facing OS
    It is able to neutralise threats repeatedly without any need for operating system and security updates.


  • Security Layered Approach
    The laptop version is the first in the world to possess a Secure-BIOS level separation. Each security layer strengthens its defence mechanism in countering different threats.


  • Remote Management and Forensics
    Serve as a sensor to protect organisations against insider threats and remote users as it is able to
    manage and push down policies from backend, such as the dynamic white-listing of USBs, and the ability to perform remote forensics from the command centre immediately upon any detection of threats.
Black Computer

Provides security at your convenience

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