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Cybersecurity Command and Control Centre

Cybersecurity Command and Control Centre

Designed to monitor critical network and systems round the clock, our new Cybersecurity Command and Control Centre is designed to detect abnormalities and flag potential attacks. It is equipped with cognitive capabilities driven by Cyber Threat Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence that enhance cyber threat detection and data analytics. These capabilities enable a quicker and more accurate response to threats across endpoints, networks and users.

Cybersecurity Command and Control Centre

Monitor network and systems round-the-clock

Key Capabilities


  • Advanced Data Analytics and Automation
    Provides comprehensive situational awareness and enables effective control of a cyber-threat situation through the applications of orchestration and predictive incident response tools.


  • Deep Learning and Machine Learning Capabilities
    Equipped to perform adaptive or active learning models such as User Entity Behaviour Analytics, Network Threat Analytics, and Endpoint Threat Analytics, enabling data to be collected in real-time.


  • Proactive Defence
    Able to detect early abnormalities and remove unknown as well as advanced threats, enabling better resource planning, utilisation and assets management.


  • Modular and Scalable Architecture
    Modular and scalable architecture that can be easily integrated, as well as supporting individual function change without impacting the entire system architecture.