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Data Diode Solution

Data Diode Solution

Our Data Diode is a unidirectional communications and data transfer gateway that enables organisations to transfer data securely across physically separated networks. It complements our suite of indigenous cybersecurity products that enhance the security and resilience of Information Technology and Operation Technology infrastructures from targeted cyber attacks.


  • Information Assurance by Design
    Ensures no data leakage due to hardware-enforced one-way communication


  • High Throughput and Robust Performance
    Configurable for high availability


  • Compact Design
    Reduces space required when deployed as all functionalities can be encapsulated within the server.


  • Ease of System Integration; Customisable
    Supports multiple IT and Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) or Industrial Control System (ICS) networking protocols and can be customised for any operational requirement.


  • Highest level of Certification and Recognition
    Certified under Common Criteria (CC EAL 2)
DigiSAFE Data Diode Solution

Safeguard data transfer and secure critical assets