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EMC Services and Consultancy

EMC Services and Consultancy

We provide electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) services, innovative products and solutions that exceed customers’ expectations. The team constantly explores the latest technological developments in the industry to provide the best solutions for its extensive customer base, ranging from defence and government, to commercial and industrial sectors. Its services and solutions include:


EMC Products with Key Partners

  • Turnkey solutions and a wide range of products such as SIEPEL, EMP-tronics and Eurofarad


Services and Consultancy

  • State-of-the-art test equipment and instrumentation such as semi-anechoic and reverberation chambers
  • Fully-compliant military and pre-compliant commercial standard test services, on-site test services, EMC-related engineering consultancy services, suitable for defence and commercial customers


Architectural Shielding

  • Protection of classified information from unauthorised interception
  • Protection of critical electronics equipment from hostile external Radio Frequency (RF) sources

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