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Fearless series of Patrol Vessel

Fearless series of Patrol Vessel

The Fearless class is a ST Engineering's Marine sector indigenous design with variants of the Fearless 55 and Fearless 75 currently in service with the Republic of Singapore Navy and the Royal Navy of Oman.


These vessels are configurable to be equipped with a whole range of weapons and sensors for anti-surface, anti-air and anti-submarine warfare.


Besides being multi-warfare capable, these vessels can have co-location of operational spaces including the bridge, operations and engineering controls rooms. They can also be fitted with our modular mast for optimisation of sensors’ performance.



Fearless-75 (RNO PV1 - RNOV Al-Seeb)
Fearless-75 (RNO PV2 - RNOV Shinas and PV3 -RNOV Sadh)