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Missile Corvette

Missile Corvette

The Missile Corvette is based on a well-proven hull form with good sea-keeping and resistance characteristics.


The hull is constructed of light gauge steel to a special longitudinal framing system while the superstructure is constructed using marine grade aluminium alloy. The end result is a rugged, highly manoeuvrable platform capable of carrying a wide array of the latest weapons systems.


The 62m Missile Corvette is specially designed to fulfil the following missions:

  • Escort of shipping to protect it from attacks by hostile surface and air forces
  • Search and destroy missions against hostile surface forces and denial of sea passage to hostile sea transports
  • Detection and attack on hostile submarine forces
  • Provision of gunfire support in conjunction with a naval operation
  • General patrolling, surveillance and protection of offshore resources 


Missile Corvette