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Secure Unidirectional Gateway

Data Diode is a unidirectional communication and data transfer gateway that enables organisations to transfer data securely across physically separated networks. Its security design prevents data leakage and eliminates cyber threats by enforcing the one-way data transfer at both the physical and protocol layers. The high performance solution comes in a compact design that integrates seamlessly with users’ operational environments.


  • Information Assurance by Design
    Ensures no data leakage due to hardware-enforced one-way communication. Independent power supply to mitigate against side channel attacks

  • Compact Design
    Allows all functionalities to be encapsulated within a compact footprint

  • High Throughput and Robust Performance
    Forward Error Correction (FEC) and Forward Error Detection (FED) are implemented at the data transfer layer to reduce data loss and check data integrity respectively. Also configurable for high availability

  • Ease of System Integration and Customisation
    Supports an array of networking protocols for system integration and interoperability