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Smart Glasses Eye3 Platform

Smart Glasses Eye3 Platform

A new pay-per-use application integrated with Smart Glasses. Create a new world of work possibilities with the world's first augmented intelligence smart glasses platform-as-a-service.

Powered by VisionLabs, the Smart Glasses Eye3 Platform integrates with the new Vuzix BladeĀ® Smart Glasses. Embedded with biometric capabilities, it streamlines work processes, enabling automated and non-intrusive identification. Boost your enterprises with up to 50% enhanced productivity as well as ensuring the public safety of citizens in the face of rising urbanisation.

Key Applications

  1. Hands-free barcode scanning
  2. Real-time identification of person of interest
  3. Remote dispatch and synchronised command
  4. Real-time situational awareness with live streaming to the Command Centre
  5. Enrolment automation to enhance efficient operations and workflows

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