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Submarine Support Rescue Vessel

Submarine Support Rescue Vessel

The Submarine Support and Rescue Vessel (SSRV) is a ST Marine indigenous design and built vessel for rescue operations of a distressed submarine. Operable up to sea state 5, the vessel is highly manoeuvrable and has good speed and seakeeping performances.


Equipped with Dynamic Positioning Capability (DPS-2) and carrying an organic submarine rescue payload comprising of a SRV, a ROV, an integrated TUP system, hyperbaric chambers and a well equipped hospital that allows immediate treatment for personnel rescued from depth and subjected to higher pressure, this vessel will be an asset to any submarine operating nation.



SSRV (Swif Rescue) - 1
SSRV (Swif Rescue) - 2
SSRV (Swif Rescue) - 3
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