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Safer, Reliable and Smarter Lifts

The AGIL Smart Lift Monitoring Solution leverages Internet of Things (IoT), advanced diagnostics, edge analytics and smart sensors to empower lift operators and facility managers with real-time remote monitoring and proactive maintenance. It reduces operational and maintenance costs, as well as manpower required to deliver quality service with minimal downtime. The solution has been progressively installed on lifts in Singapore since 2021 and is one of the largest scale deployments of a smart lift monitoring solution to date.

Centralised Visibility and Data-driven Insights

As a fully digitalised cloud-based solution, the Smart Lift Monitoring solution offers centralised visibility of lift operations across different manufacturer brands, models and locations. It utilises an IoT platform to analyse data of individual lift components across more than 200 evaluation parameters to provide insights for predictive maintenance, and enable early anomaly detection and failure prediction before lift breakdown.

Non-intrusive, Plug-and-Play Solution

Its non-intrusive installation of sensors makes it a truly plug-and-play solution that does not require modifying the core components of existing lift systems. This allows for a quick, flexible and scalable installation that supports multi-tenancy, multi-asset and multi-site management.

Integrated with Mobile App

Through a mobile app, lift technicians can also receive real-time alerts and diagnostics information on-the-go, enabling them to bring the necessary equipment and tools required for each job and update the task status on completion. This helps to reduce time and manpower costs for lift maintenance.

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