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Why Is It Material

We are committed to being a good corporate citizen where we operate. Making a positive impact to the communities we operate in is directly aligned with our core value of compassion.

How We Manage

Corporate community contributions are coordinated by the Corporate Social Responsibility Committee. To help us effectively measure, report and communicate our social contributions and investments, we reference the LBG Framework for measuring corporate community investment and philanthropy.

What We Do

We actively promote a giving culture through corporate initiatives and volunteerism among our employees. Besides charitable gifts, we also invest in our communities to address social issues relevant to ST Engineering and the communities, and support business-related commercial initiatives that also deliver benefits to the communities at large.


Charitable Gifts

We inculcate a giving culture where employees actively participate in charitable events, fundraising events and community contributions. To this end, we:

  • Encourage Singapore employees to contribute monthly through payroll deductions to the Community Chest SHARE programme
  • Support the Singapore President’s Challenge with contributions from both Singapore employees and the Group
  • Promote volunteerism towards causes such as elderly health, cancer research and support of the less privileged


Community Investments and Commercial Initiatives

ST Engineering focuses its community investments and commercial initiatives through the twin areas of “enriching lives through education” and “touching lives through engineering”.

Enriching Lives Through Education

We work with partners and collaborators to provide opportunities so that lives can be enriched and uplifted through education. Accordingly, we:

  • Support STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) education through book prizes, scholarships, internships and R&D collaborations with institutes of higher learning
  • Support adult education through the NTUC Education and Training Fund to uplift working Singaporeans by providing subsidies for skills upgrading and re-skilling
  • Support youth education by partnering with partners such as the Assumption Pathway School to provide its students with academic awards, financial assistance and internship opportunities

Touching Lives Through Engineering

As an engineering group, we have the innovative and creative expertise to bring about solutions to enhance living for communities at large as well as those with special needs. In this respect, we:

  • Promote the use of assistive technology in Singapore to help the elderly and assist persons with disabilities in their mobility, with sponsorship such as the ST Engineering Enabling Technology Centre in partnership with SG Enable
  • Promote innovation through activities such as hackathon competitions in partnership with tertiary institutions and sponsorship of the Singapore Week of Innovation & Technology
  • Provide innovative solutions to address social needs, such as the AIR+ Kids N95 Kids Mask which is designed to better fit and effectively protect children