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Why Is It Material

We are subject to applicable laws and regulations of many jurisdictions and multiple industries. We comply with these laws and regulations to maintain our licences to operate. We have zero tolerance for fraud and corrupt practices and ensure we meet all relevant laws and regulations.

As a company listed in Singapore, we are also bound by the listing rules and guidance promulgated by the Singapore Exchange (SGX), and we also comply with the requirements listed in the Singapore’s Code of Corporate Governance.

How We Manage

The Group Risk & Assurance function oversees matters relating to governance, risk and compliance. It has in place a regulatory compliance framework and compliance related policies, and continually train our global workforce on our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics (Code) and other relevant compliance topics.

What We Do

We have promulgated the Code to govern professional and ethical conduct of all employees. The Code sets out the guiding principles and desired behaviour with which our people are expected to operate, and embraces the business practices and standards of behaviour that support our commitment to honest and ethical business conduct. Many standards set out in the Code have also been embedded in various policies and procedures.

To support our position of zero tolerance for fraud and corrupt practices and ensure we adhere to all relevant laws and regulations, we continue to:

  • Maintain a whistleblowing programme where violations of our Code, laws, regulations, or any other wrongdoings may be reported in strict confidence, subject to applicable laws
  • Train all employees on the Code annually as part of our compliance and ethics training programme
  • Train relevant employees on Anti-bribery and Corruption topics annually
  • Maintain management systems (such as quality, environment, occupational safety and health) benchmarked to international standards
  • Maintain a regulatory compliance framework that proactively identifies applicable laws and regulatory obligations, and embeds compliance into day-to-day business processes
  • Review our compliance policies from time to time to maintain a global and harmonised approach of managing risk and compliance matters. This includes compliance policies covering anti-bribery and corruption areas such as conflict of interest, gifts & hospitality, donations and sponsorships, and due diligence on third-party intermediaries
  • Distil and share lessons learnt from audit findings, non-compliances and violations
  • Leverage technology to embed and enhance controls and compliance


View our Sustainability Report to find out what we did in 2020 and what we will do in 2021. 

As a responsible defence manufacturer, we do not design, produce or sell anti-personnel mines, cluster munitions, white phosphorus munitions and their related key components.