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Why Is It Material

Cities and organisations around the world are increasingly looking to minimise their carbon footprint while reducing their operating costs. We differentiate by introducing products and services of lower carbon footprint.

How We Manage

Our technology community looks actively into the design and development of products that are more sustainable in nature. Our engineers incorporate green considerations not just in the end products but also from the perspectives of responsible production and through-life support.

What We Do

Our portfolio of green solutions symbolises our steadfast commitment to environmental-friendly innovations and represents our biggest contribution to climate change mitigation. To enhance our role as an effective enabler of a sustainable world, we:

  • Raise awareness and increase emphasis on green considerations with our engineers involved in the design and development of products and services
  • Make use of predictive analytics for maintenance of our products to ensure that they continue to operate within their most energy efficient envelope

 Our suite of greener products and solutions include:

View our Sustainability Report to find out what we did in 2020 and what we will do in 2021.