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Dear Stakeholders,

ST Engineering is committed to Sustainability and incorporates ESG principles in the way we manage our operations worldwide. In 2020, ST Engineering reflected its growing importance by embedding the Group’s sustainability team into the Group Strategy function – creating a Group Strategy & Sustainability office, headed by the Group Chief Strategy & Sustainability Officer in an expanded role. This allows us to fully incorporate ESG considerations in the way we develop our business strategies and plans.

Beginning the TCFD and SASB journey

We affirm that to be a viable business in the long-term, we must operate sustainably in the best interest of our businesses, customers and partners, as well as the environment and communities where we operate. We will augment our GRI reporting framework by progressively aligning to relevant Taskforce for Climate-change Financial Disclosure’s recommendations and Sustainability Accounting Standards Board metrics over the next 3-5 years.

Our Approach

Our sustainability strategy is to positively impact the lives of people and the health of our planet by being a responsible global citizen and acting as an effective enabler of a sustainable world, leveraging technology and engineering to solve real-world problems.

Do our part

We are also an enabler of a sustainable world, with our products and solutions empowering our customers in engineering a more sustainable tomorrow.  Our suite of Smart City Solutions helps cities to reduce energy consumption, reduce traffic congestion and improve waste management while our range of Conversion Services helps extend the life of aircraft, ships and vehicles.

Supporting our people and communities

The extensive global impact of the COVID-19 outbreak challenged us to adapt and do better in our social efforts. During this unprecedented period, ST Engineering has placed the safety of our employees, customers, and partners worldwide as our top priority, and we are taking various precautions as we continue our business activities. We have also contributed to national resilience by starting and ramping up the capability to produce medical-grade surgical masks. In addition, we also started up our melt-blown polypropylene production, enhancing mask production supply chain resilience. ST Engineering has also continued to support the communities we operate in, including through donations of Personal Protective Equipment and sanitiser.

Acting now, while taking a long term perspective

This is the time to lean in, as we continue to use technology and engineering to solve real-world problems. I believe that the Group’s long-term resilience and sustainable value creation depends on our ability to contribute to the lives and livelihoods of our people and the health of our planet and its communities.

Vincent Chong
Group President & CEO