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Our Community

We are committed to being a good corporate citizen and a company our employees are proud to belong to. By supporting communities where we operate, we cultivate employees with compassion; by leveraging on our unique expertise, we are able to benefit lesser served segments of society.

We are committed to conducting ourselves in an environmentally responsible manner in all aspects of our work and business, to use resources efficiently and to minimise waste and impact on the environment. 

  • Environmental Protection

    We believe that the efficient use of resources better enables us to respond to climate change regulations and price volatility of resources. It also provides us with opportunities to meet the rising demand for energy efficient products and cuts our operating costs. We generate environmental awareness through sharing of best practices, study visits to other organisations with excellent environmental management practices as well as publications of newsletters. We continually explore energy efficiency and environmental friendly initiatives, including technological investments that provide a reasonable rate of return. Our Singapore business units are certified to ISO 14001 “Environmental Management Systems".

  • Our Environmental Efforts

    We are constantly exploring ways to improve energy efficiency. In 2018, we revised the GHG emissions intensity target. The revised target is a 36% reduction on a business as usual basis by 2030 with 2010 as the base year. We are pleased to report that in 2018, we achieved this target when we recorded a reduction of 38% in GHG emission intensity in Singapore. 

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    US Operations


    More information on our environmental performance can be found in our Annual Report.

  • Community Investment

    We believe in giving back to the communities in which we operate. We invest our time and resources in various aspects and segments of life in Singapore, including promoting engineering to students, using our engineering know-how to create an impact to people with disabilities or special needs, and to support the weak and underprivileged. Our employees regularly spend time to support activities in charity homes and charitable organisations. We inculcate a giving culture where employees actively participate in charitable events, fundraising events and community contributions including the SHARE programme of the Community Chest of Singapore.

    We believe that engineering and its study form a very important part of any STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) education program. STEM capabilities are fundamental to how engineers find solutions to the everyday problems - from a multi-faceted and inter-disciplinary perspective. Thus, we seek to leverage on our unique expertise to promote and enable the development of STEM literacy in our communities.

    Our Community Contributions in Singapore (Total in 2018: $2.67m)

     Our Community Contributions in Singapore 2018


    Our Community Contributions in US (Total in 2018: US$0.2m)

     Our Community Contributions in US 2018

    LBG framework was applied to measuring community contributions and issues addressed. 


    More information on our community investment can be found in our Annual Report.