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Our Customers

Our customers rely on our products and services to perform their intended functions efficiently and effectively. As a global technology, defence and engineering group, we bring innovation and technology together to create smart solutions for our customers in defence, government and commercial segments. We strive to minimise and reduce the environmental impact from the manufacturing and use of our products and services.

Sustainable Procurement

We recognise our influences and risks along the supply chain. We are committed to work with our suppliers to progressively embed our principles of sustainability into their processes to ensure that a balanced consideration of social, environmental and economic impacts are undertaken throughout the procurement process.

In embracing sustainable procurement, we adopt the following five principles of sustainable procurement:

  1. We practise value for money procurement
  2. We do not compromise on the quality and safety of our products and services
  3. We practise ethical procurement
  4. We protect the health and safety of our workers
  5. We protect the environment

Sustainable Solutions

Our stakeholders are increasingly looking at ways to reduce their environmental impact. Our innovation and productivity initiatives incorporate environmental considerations into product development. With energy efficiency as a key focus area, we develop energy efficient products and design mid-life upgrades with the latest technologies to ensure that products meet our customers’ requirements whilst performing in an energy efficient manner.