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Singapore’s Fifth Desalination Plant

Singapore’s fifth desalination plant will be designed and built by the consortium of Tuas Power Ltd and ST Engineering's Marine arm. The consortium was selected by Singapore’s national water agency PUB to also own and operate the seawater desalination plant on Jurong Island for a concession period of 25 years from 2020.

The plant will add another 137,000 cubic meters of desalinated water a day to Singapore’s water supply through reverse osmosis and the latest proven membrane technologies. Co-located with Tuas Power’s Tembusu Multi-Utilities Complex (TMUC), the plant will leverage TMUC’s existing infrastructure for seawater intake to optimise cost savings and provide potable water at a more affordable pricing.

While improving Singapore’s water security, we recognise the potential negative impacts of a desalination plant. We have commissioned an environmental impact assessment (EIA) and modelling to ensure any impacts are within tolerable limits. We will continue to work closely with PUB to limit the impacts and monitor sea water quality.

Smart analytics will be deployed for predictive maintenance in the integrated overview of daily operations, thus optimising productivity. Sensor nodes, attached to each reverse osmosis pressure vessel for conductivity profiling, will feed real-time data to a command & control operations centre dashboard. These nodes will be configured to detect and isolate membrane fouling among the extensive network of pressure vessels laid across the plant, and to monitor the performance of the reverse osmosis system.

PUB manages Singapore’s water supply, water catchment and used water in an integrated way, and ensures an efficient, adequate and sustainable supply of water for the country.

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