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Why Is It Material

For customers to rely on us to meet their operational needs, our products must not only be compliant with all relevant regulations and safe to produce, operate and maintain, but also serve the intended purpose reliably over the products' lifecycle. The same applies to our services, which must meet customers’ requirements and be delivered responsively within the promised turnaround time.

How We Manage

Quality efforts are coordinated by the Quality Committee. All material operations in Singapore are certified to ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems (QMS). We design, manufacture and support our products in accordance with industry standards and meet all regulatory requirements. We actively work with our suppliers and collaborators to ensure quality of bought-in parts and services, and regularly seek feedback from our customers to strengthen our offerings.

What We Do

Quality and safety of our products and services are paramount to our success.  To ensure we continue to uphold quality and safety, we:

  • Put in place systems and processes to make sure all our employees comply with our Quality Policy
  • Ensure quality bought-in products and services through our vendor approval and monitoring processes
  • Organise an annual Quality Seminar to share lessons-learnt and promote best practices
  • Ensure product safety through the practice of systems safety and its promotion within the organisation
  • Hold employee and each level of management responsible for quality of their product and services

View our Sustainability Report to find out what we did in 2020 and what we will do in 2021.