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Why Is It Material

We are committed to ‘Safety Before Profits’. A safe and healthy workplace protects workers from injury, stress and illness, reduces absenteeism and turnover, increases productivity and quality, and raises employee morale. This duty of care extends to our visitors and supervised sub-contractors working within our premises.

How We Manage

Workplace safety and health efforts are coordinated by the Total Workplace Safety & Health (TWSH) Committee, which meets regularly to monitor management system performance as well as review and update strategies. All material business units in Singapore are certified to OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management. All our global operations abide by relevant workplace safety regulations and requirements.

What We Do

We have an integrated Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) policy statement, as well as a Safety pledge to guide the Group towards TWSH best practices. We organise an annual EHS convention to encourage innovative solutions and recognise staff who have helped to address safety and health challenges.


View our Sustainability Report to find out what we did in 2020 and what we will do in 2021. 

Workplace Safety

Our approach to workplace safety management is underpinned by legislative regulations, customers’ requirements as well as industry safety standards. To promote and sustain a safe workplace culture, we:

  • Integrate safety Winto key business activities with detailed workplace safety and health policies
  • Organise safety-campaigns and hold regular safety briefings and training to raise awareness and inculcate a safety culture in all employees
  • Perform cross-entity audits to identify safety gaps and best practices, where applicable
  • Carry out hazard and risk identification proactively for new activities and modified processes
  • Set safety targets and monitor both leading and lagging indicators (such as accident frequency rates, accident severity rates, dangerous occurrences, and penalties from authorities) to identify areas for improvements
  • Reinforce our commitment towards a safer workplace through eight safety cardinal rules

Occupational Health

We protect and promote the health of our employees and those working within our premises. Accordingly, we:

  • Conduct occupational health risk assessments involving regular reviews and surveillance inspections of the work environment including testing of indoor air quality, respiratory training and fit testing for employees who are required to wear respirators, and regular noise mapping and monitoring
  • Ensure employees identified to be exposed to occupational health hazards undergo medical examination
  • Organise inter-sector studies and sharing, as well as engage labour suppliers to keep all abreast of occupational health best practices
  • Monitor and track medical examinations and occupational diseases
  • Conduct regular training, health talks and promotional campaigns to raise awareness on occupational health matters


Employees’ safety, health and general well-being are interconnected, affecting their ability to perform individually and collectively as a productive workforce. For these reasons, we:

  • Provide a holistic and supportive environment through an employees' health and well-being framework to strengthen employees’ overall well-being and resilience
  • Maintain a team of carers, where applicable, with psychological resilience competency to manage colleagues during crisis and provide emotional support
  • Implement a ‘Return-to-Work’ programme progressively to help facilitate injured workers’ return-to-work journey
  • Organise health talks and recreational activities to raise awareness and inculcate a healthy lifestyle