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Lighting the Way to a Sustainable Future

Lighting contributes a significant part of cities’ energy use with operating costs and increasing consumption a growing concern on municipalities’ budgets. Our suite of lighting management solutions enhances energy savings and provides more responsive and pre-emptive maintenance for outdoor and in-building lightings.

Check out our suite of solutions to suit your lighting management needs:

AGIL Smart Lighting Solution

Deliver Value Beyond Illumination

Lighting accounts for 40% of energy usage and takes up a large portion of the maintenance expenditure of municipalities’ budgets. More city planners are investing in smart lightings to benefit from energy efficiency and sustainability, optimised operational efficiency and secure data analytics for future demand planning without compromising safety, security, and visual comfort.

AGIL Smart Lighting Solution combines a secured wireless mesh network of sensors driven by a smart control system to achieve maximised lighting efficiency at low operating costs. Our award-winning solution allows remote configuration and continuous data collection for performance optimisation.

Our Smart Lighting Solution can be used for a wide range of applications such as

  • Walkways and outdoor areas
  • Outdoor and indoor car parks
  • Garden lights and footpaths
  • Pedestrian overhead bridges

AGIL Smart Street Lighting Solution

Optimise Energy-savings, Operations and Maintenance

AGIL Smart Street Lighting Solution provides automated street light management for better energy savings and more responsive maintenance. It offers full awareness of street light performance supported by automated light management and smart sensors. Sensor data are collected and analysed for more responsive maintenance, resulting in reduced street light downtime and optimised energy consumption.

Street lights also can be transformed into smart lamp posts to form a connected infrastructure that supports various smart city applications. It is one of the fastest ways to roll out smart city deployment by equipping lamp posts with smart sensors to form a wireless sensor network that serves as the quick entry point to escalate deployment of smart city applications.

AGIL Smart Lamp Post

Modular and Connected for Easy Deployment

The award-winning AGIL Smart Lamp Post is ergonomically designed to drive city-wide deployment of smart applications. It offers an ideal connected infrastructure to sense, connect, manage and integrate sensors, communications networks, devices and applications on a unified AGIL IoT Platform.

The IoT Platform improves efficiency and quality of municipal services for residents and communities by deploying advanced data analytics for real-time data aggregation from various sources to provide valuable insights for optimised city management and delivery of quality services to the residents.

Award-winning Design

The modular and future-proof Smart Lamp Post is designed to fit aesthetically into any urban city environment. It has a sustainable design that leverages smart technologies and sensors to empower cities with capabilities to benefit from digital transformation. The Smart Lamp Post design has won the prestigious SG Mark 2020 award for its exceptional design quality that impacts communities in Singapore and beyond.

AGIL E-WATS Emergency Wireless Automatic Test System

Assurance Testing for Efficiency & Safety

Transform your building’s maintenance operations and enable higher levels of safety, functionality and operational efficiency.

The AGIL E-WATS Emergency Wireless Automatic Test System is a smart and fully automatic system that simplifies the testing process of emergency lights by replacing manual checks with automated testing and reporting, to ensure operational reliability of emergency lights and their compliance with fire safety regulations.

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