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Hybrid Electric and Pure Electric Drives

Hybrid Electric and Pure Electric Drives

ST Kinetics offers one-stop green vehicle solutions for sustainable reductions in tailpipe emissions for buses and trucks through hybrid electric drives or zero emissions through pure electric drives.

Our Hybrid Hydraulic Drive (HHD) is an energy regenerative solution that is particularly suited for heavy vehicle applications entailing a significant amount of stop-start driving. The HHD captures the energy that is normally lost during braking and deploys it for launching the vehicle from rest, helping to reduce fuel consumption and exhaust emissions by up to 20%. Its modularity and compact design allows this system to be easily integrated into existing vehicle platforms.

We support the green transport eco-system through the supply of key components like Powertrains, Vehicle Control Systems and Battery Management Systems, improving fuel economy by up to 30% for hybrid vehicles. ST Kinetics also provides strong after-sales and maintenance support throughout the vehicle’s life cycle to maximise the fleet owners' operational efficiency anytime.