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Defence Cluster at the ST Engineering Pavilion

New Generation Systems and Solutions for Modern Combat & Homeland Security

Today, our integrated defence solutions do more with less to manage warfighters’ loads while maintaining an overmatch in combat capability. Visit us at the Singapore Airshow 2018 for exciting showcases and demonstrations of new and improved solutions that help shape future fighting capability, modernise armed forces and enhance homeland security.

Read on to learn more and watch our videos.

Key Systems and Solutions

  • Mobility Platforms

  • Homeland Security

    Showcase of wearable technology, sensors and devices to enhance communications, surveillance, mobility and mission endurance of the security and public safety forces. Check out too the latest virtual reality training solutions designed for our security and public safety officers to sharpen their awareness and judgement skills when faced with threats.

  • Smart Soldier

  • Unmanned Systems

  • Maritime Solutions

    Learn more about our range of highly customisable and modular unmanned platforms that allow navies and agencies to undertake various roles including surveillance and responses without risking the lives of people.

    Check out our solutions for Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief as well as the Vanguard series of naval vessels - platforms that deliver multiple modular capabilities with one design.

  • Weapons and Ammunition

    See our range of weapons that are lightweight, compact and flexible. Also on display is our comprehensive range of high-performance ammunition and munition systems.