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Smart City at the ST Engineering Pavilion

Smart Solutions for Connected Cities

Learn more about ST Engineering's smart city solutions in the areas of autonomous mobility, public and cyber security, smart sensor networks, data and video analytics, environmental engineering and robotics. Find out how our smart city solutions help enhance communications, mobility, public safety and security and contribute to a green future. 

Visit the Smart City cluster at the ST Engineering Pavilion to learn how our solutions address pressing challenges posed by a rapidly urbanising and connected world.

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Transforming Transportation with Smart Technology

City transportation is an important pillar for quality of life. The next-generations technologies embedded in our products and solutions such as our intelligent transport management systems, autonomous vehicles, and maritime surveillance systems, play a critical role in strengthening the reliability and efficiency of land and sea transportation networks.

  • Autonomous Mini-Bus

New Technologies that Secure Airports

As public security continues to be a pressing concern for built-up cities worldwide, enhancing aviation security worldwide is critical in keeping the traveling public safe and secure. Smart technologies which make our airports safer including counter drone capabilities to aid decision and sense making; biometrics technologies to manage mass secure access to restricted airport areas; intelligent video analytics technology to ease manual and labour-intensive airport security operations - are featured at the ST Engineering Smart City Showcase.

  • Airport Identity Verification System

  • Airport Operations Centre System

  • Air Traffic Control Simulator

  • AgilFence BIDS

  • Hidden Early Detection Long Range Mobile (HELM)

    HELM is a smart scanner that uses radar-based entry control point technology capable of detecting both metallic or non-metallic objects and electronics components hidden in a person in different environment.

  • AeroSat Terminal

    The AeroSat Terminal is a state-of-the-art satellite antenna system that provides enhanced broadband connectivity for the commercial and business aviation industry. The terminal uses Digital Beam Forming technology that enables seamless and simultaneous communications with multiple satellites, at higher performance and lower SWAP (Size, Weight and Power). Through this technology, airlines will enjoy increased fuel efficiency and on-flight passengers will be able to access TV feeds and the Internet at the same time, enjoying a seamless and uninterrupted data experience.

Powering Smart Cities with Intelligent and Secure Connectivity

As smart cities focus on improving the quality of life for its citizens by harnessing smart technology to connect infrastructures, resources and services, ensuring the reliability and security of communications network and data will be key for governments and companies. In addition to featuring our capabilities in smart street lighting, aero satellite communications, our robust and industry-leading cyber security capabilities will also be on special preview to delegates.

  • WISX Smart Street Lighting System

  • Black Computer

Robotics Technologies to Drive Industrial Operations

Leveraging innovation and robotics technology, our TUG® smart autonomous mobile robots automate routine work processes which sound mundane but offer potentially dramatic rewards for companies and global cities.

  • TUG Autonomous Mobile Robots

Enabling Smart and Green Cities

A smart city's infrastructural development plays an important role in the efficient and sustainable management of our fast-growing urban environments. Our large- scale environmental engineering solutions incorporate innovation such as Internet-of-Things technologies to drive smart analytics for green projects in water, wastewater, solid waste and renewable energy sectors.

  • Kranji NEWater Factory Expansion 3

  • Desalination Plant on Jurong Island