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Smart Digital Building

68% of the world population is projected to be living in urban areas by 2050. To address this key trend, it is critical to create smarter and more sustainable built environment that enable people to work, live and play better.

Our Smart Digital Building solutions enable a better and smarter built environment by focusing on three areas - (1) Energy Efficiency and Optimisation, (2) People and Asset Protection, and (3) Human Resource Management and Optimisation. These are achieved by unifying and utilising technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics that will provide integrated insights and outcomes.

What We Do


We are guided by the concept of “Reduce, Reuse and Recycle” and apply it in the design of our solutions that will reduce and optimise energy consumption.  Learn more about our solutions that deliver efficient use of energy, lower maintenance costs and improve operational efficiency and how we can help you attain the goal of a carbon neutral building.

  • Smart Lighting Solution
    This award winning on-demand lighting is optimised to achieve maximum efficiency at low operating costs. It delivers energy-efficiency and sustainability, optimised operational efficiency and secure data analytics for future demand planning without compromising safety, security and visual comfort.
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  • E-WATS Wireless Automatic Test System for Emergency Lights
    Transform your building’s maintenance operations and enable higher levels of safety, functionality and operational efficiency. This solution is a a smart, wireless and fully automatic system that simplifies the testing process by replacing manual checks with regular automated testing and reporting, ensuring both the operational reliability of emergency lights and compliance with fire safety regulations.
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  • Microwave Sensor Modules
    The advancement of technology has seen a plethora of emerging sensor applications. Designed in compact and ultra-lightweight packages, our low-power microwave sensor modules are highly accurate, robust, field proven under all-weather conditions and are key enablers in applications such as IoT, security, traffic, consumer automation, lighting, sports, and automotive.
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  • Smart Sensors
    The limitless capabilities of sensors are changing the way we work and play in our everyday lives. Whether for building facilities, safety devices, or security applications, smart sensors are crucial elements in enabling Internet of Things (IoT) for accurate and automated collection of data and information.


We use outcome-based security by design to help achieve a proactive safe and secure built environment. Through efficient use of security assets and resources, to deliver robust and resilient security.


We harvest the power of Industry 4.0 automation, artificial intelligence and data analytics, to provide end-to-end and open digital platform to enhance seamless management of smart digital building across the entire eco-system.

  • AGIL Trace
    AGIL Trace is a software platform that supports remote workforce management and enables contact tracing within premises. With the ability to interface with various enterprise systems, including building access control and visitor registration systems, AGIL Trace provides analytics-enabled contact tracing and proximity history for enhanced decision making and work force policy formulation.
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  • AGIL Smart Band
    safeguards and upkeeps the well-being of your employees. Get safe distancing alerts and work with a peace of mind with contact tracing, without the need of a smartphone. Smart Band facilitate jobs and operations that restrict the use of smartphones. Smart Band also tracks the wearer's health statistics, integrates with Smart Personnel Tracker and AGIL Trace, for tracking of movement on-premise and seamless contact tracing and analytics at the back end.
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  • AGIL Flow
    Facial Recognition (FR) access gantry with personnel temperature sensing, tracing and recording. The FR system is able to perform FR on personnel wearing
    mask ensuring only authorized access. Temperature sensing is also performed at the same instance with high temperature personnel been identified and denied access. All information are record and sent in real time to AGIL Trace for integrated track, trace and contain data analysis.
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