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Advancing Urban Liveability

With the world’s population rapidly converging in cities, it is these very cities that need to take on the challenge of sustainable urbanisation. At ST Engineering, we drive innovative technologies that solve the real-world problems of living sustainably and resiliently in cities. 

As a leading global technology, defence and engineering solutions provider, we are committed to innovating solutions that mitigate urban environment problems and transform cities into sustainable living spaces. 

Our Solutions

A New Standard in Respiratory Protection

The cities of today face escalating challenges in airborne pollution and the spread of infectious diseases. Applying engineering innovation, we developed a whole suite of premium respiratory protection solutions, including N95 masks with its innovative micro fan and medical-grade surgical masks to protect against the threats of urban city pollution and harmful viruses. Combining premium protection and ergonomic comfort, we redefine respiratory protection for consumer, healthcare and industrial users.

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Powerful Cooling in City Spaces

The world we live in is warming at an unprecedented pace. Rising temperatures drive the demand for cooling but existing technologies are too energy-intensive, impractical or limited in its applications. Our range of sustainable cooling solutions delivers superior deep cooling in a variety of outdoor, mobile and infrastructure applications without the use of chemical refrigerants, CFCs or emissions of harmful chemicals.

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Urban Environment Solutions

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