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Weapons and Ammunition

ST Engineering's capabilities in weapons and ammunition cover a wide spectrum, enabling us to deliver solutions for howitzers, grenade launchers, rifles and supporting ammunition that span the large, medium and small calibre categories. Backed by extensive experience in successful customer deployments, we strive to offer a total solution that support their various defence requirements.

Total Solution for Multiple Scenarios

ST Engineering’s range of large calibre solutions extend from advanced mortar systems like the low recoil 120mm Super Rapid Advanced Mortar System (SRAMS), to field howitzers like the easy to use and quick to deploy 155mm FH2000, PRIMUS 155mm 39 Calibre Self Propelled Howitzer, and PEGASUS 155mm 39 Calibre Light Weight Howitzer.

In the area of medium calibre weapons, we are a world leader in 40mm payload and delivery systems. Our total 40mm solutions, adopted by many armed forces, are battle proven and fully meet the warfighter’s needs across diverse operations.

We offer a wide range of capabilities to overcome a spectrum of challenges, ranging from engagements in urban settings to battles without fire support, with a family of 40mm munitions ranging from low and high velocity rounds to less than lethal rounds.

For small calibre weapons, we provide rounds for the 5.56mm SAR21 assault rifle, 5.56mm ULTIMAX 100 light machine gun, 7.62mm GPMG general purpose machine gun, 12.7mm CIS 50MG machine gun and 9mm Compact Personal Weapon (CPW) to meet the requirements of diverse operations. They have been proven through service with many armed forces.

We also engineer for special requirements. These solutions include the 5.56mm Plastic Blank for training purposes, the 5.56mm Extended Range (ER) round for longer range, as well as the 0.5inch Saboted Light Armour Penetrator (SLAP) round for superior penetration.

5.56mm Plus

Compatible with weapons like the SAR21 and Ultimax 100 Mk8

40mm Automatic Grenade Launcher (40AGL) Mk2

40AGL Mk2 mounted with M3 Tripod

40mm Low Velocity (LV) Ammunition

Compatible with grenade launchers like 40GL Mk1, M203, HK 69, M79 and AG36

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