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ST Engineering Scholarship Programme

Aspiring to make a difference by transforming your ideas into real-life solutions for a safer, smarter and more sustainable world?
ST Engineering is the place for you to start building your career.

Our scholarship programme offers a world of opportunities in the technology, defence and engineering domains. Here, you can look forward to embracing new technologies and collaborating with innovative minds. Engineer your future with us now.

Why be our scholar?

As an ST Engineering scholar, you will be able to discover your potential and widen your horizons.

Build an exciting career in a dynamic and diverse environment.

Embark on a multi-faceted career in diverse engineering domains (Aerospace, Marine, Land Systems, Technology) through structured job rotations, secondments and overseas assignments.

Gain exposure through overseas student exchange programmes and internships with us.

Development Roadmap

Discover your strengths and interests while gaining opportunities to hone your skills through a structured rotation programme across different domains. This will empower you to define your career path in ST Engineering.

Scholarship Application

ST Engineering provides scholarships to enable young aspiring Singaporean talents to pursue their passion in engineering through the Singapore-Industry Scholarship (SgIS).

Scholarship schemes: 
You will be redirected to the relevant SgIS web pages via the following links.

If you are going to embark on full-time local undergraduate studies.

Mid-Term (Local)
If you are currently pursuing full-time undergraduate studies in a local university.

Mid-Term (Overseas)
If you are currently pursuing full-time undergraduate studies in an overseas university.


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