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Through smart mobility tracking, data fusion and behavioural analytics of our solutions, we are obsessed with a deep sense of purpose to enhance maritime security in real-time, maximise surveillance capabilities and increase operational efficiencies. We put together an integrated platform of actionable surveillance intelligence that creates a full situational awareness picture for the maritime authorities and seafarers to make sense of their environment for timely responses.

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Maritime Situational Awareness System

Safeguards waters through data fusion and information sharing between the command & control centres and mobile stations

Coastal Surveillance System

Safeguards coastal waters with precise detection, tracking, and identification of targets of interest in real-time

Maritime Anti-Piracy System

Protects seafarers and merchant ships against heightened crimes like piracy, hijacking and terrorism

Maritime Collision Detection System

Provides a continuous 360 spatial awareness for safe navigation, detecting any potential collision hazards coming in vessels' way

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