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Reduce Congestion, Improve Quality of Life

Cities are facing increasing congestion due to rapid urbanisation. This is where we combine our strong domain expertise and the use of smart technologies to create solutions that will enhance mobility and safety, improving the travel experience of commuters.

Our suite of Intelligent Transportation solutions leverage artificial intelligence and data analytics to connect people, devices and systems. It brings smart connectivity, interactivity, analytics and real-time traffic information to ensure smooth commuter journeys.

Smart Car Park Suite

Address parking challenges for both motorists and car park operators

Smart Digital Junction

Simplify traffic control, automate labour-intensive processes and minimise manual interventions

Smart Surveillance, Advisory and Enforcement System

Get traffic advisories, real-time congestion and accident updates via multi-platforms and applications

Urban Traffic Management System

Better manage traffic congestion in your city, improve commuter safety and enhance operational efficiency

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Smart Mobility (Rail and Road)