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Transforming Smart Cities of the Future

We know what it takes to help cities operate more efficiently and seamlessly while delivering a safer and well-connected ecosystem for the residents.

Plan, monitor, manage and identify opportunities with our suite of solutions that will help you enhance your city's functions in real-time and build future cities that are more connected, resilient and sustainable.

Our solutions deploy artificial intelligence, automation, and advanced data and video analytics to make sense of the massive amount of collected data from various sources. The data is then transformed into valuable insights for enhanced decision making, faster incident response, as well as optimised city management and urban planning.

Smart Security

Optimise your organisation's operational performance, efficiency and security

Smart Lighting

Manage your city's outdoor and in-building lightings for greater energy and cost savings

Smart Water

Automate and digitalise your city’s water network operations

Digital Platforms

Accelerate digital transformation towards becoming more connected

Smart Sensors

Enabled IoT applications in your city through smart sensors

Network and Fibre Infrastructure

Achieve network reliability and resilience with our high-value products and innovative services

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Smart Utilities & Infrastructure