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The NEXT-GEN Fibre Optic Sensor Solution

Our Perimeter Intrusion Detection System can precisely locate intrusion along the patented sensor cable, with each sensor monitoring the perimeter in real-time. With its adaptive thresholding capabilities, the system is operationally proven to perform in all-weather and environmental conditions without trading off its peak performance. The full fibre optic system requires no power or electronics in the field, providing immunity against EMI and lightning. The system can be quickly deployed on any barriers such as fences, walls, drain gratings and sliding gates.

Key Applications / Features

  • Patented sensors embedded along the sensor cable for a high probability of detection and low nuisance alarm rate
  • Pin-point exact intrusion location and automatically cue CCTV camera for instantaneous verification
  • Seamlessly integrate with other third-party systems like CCTV System, VMS/ ISMS and drones that aid in the verification of the intrusion alarms
  • Customisation of the individual sensor to adapt to the different site and security requirements
  • No outdoor power or any field of electronics required for EMI/ RFI and lightning immunity 


  • Provides reliable intrusion alarms help users make prompt decisions even in challenging environmental conditions
  • Enables more efficient and effective protection of the premise that frees security team to focus on real threats
  • Ease of installation that requires minimal or no change to the existing infrastructure 
  • Full scalability to accommodate all sites from small-restricted zones to national borders

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