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Turning mountains of information into actionable insights is all in a day’s work for Darrick Lau, Senior Data Engineer, Group Engineering Centre. Find out more about what he does and why ST Engineering is a great place to kickstart your career.

Q: Describe what you do at ST Engineering.

Inconsistencies, formatting, or performance issues can make data unusable. I prepare and organise data to ensure it is usable before it reaches the analyst. I am also responsible for ensuring that data is stored, processed, and accessed in an efficient and reliable manner. This typically involves designing and implementing data pipelines, data storage systems, and data processing frameworks.

Q: Share your career growth with us.

I did three internships with ST Engineering before taking a full-time role with ST Engineering. Here, I’ve found that there is room to shape your career and play to your strengths if you take charge of your professional development.

In discovering my strengths, I’ve been able to actively steer myself to where I can deliver the greatest impact. At present, I believe that my current role is a suitable match for my skillset.

Q: What do you love most about working in ST Engineering?

There are many opportunities to learn and grow. I’m able to explore the entire tech stack and gain valuable career exposure. The work ST Engineering does is extremely diverse and we go beyond engineering, applying advanced technologies in almost everything we do.

Q: What advice do you have for fresh graduates looking at joining ST Engineering?

Be mindful not to tunnel vision your career. It’s important find out your strengths and know how your skillsets can fit with your team. You’ll get opportunities as you advance your career so keep an open mind and join a global organisation that enables you to nurture your potential.

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