Reliable, Cost-effective and Efficient Urban Mass Transit

Today, Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) solutions are seeing increasing demand for its ability to provide reliable, cost-effective and sustainable mass transit that addresses cities’ mobility challenges. Combining the best of both rail and bus systems, BRT matches rail transit’s speed and reliability at lower costs and with shorter implementation time, while offering higher capacity and greater efficiency than regular buses.

With designated bus lanes, the BRT system provides more consistent service frequency and more accurate bus arrival timing predictability for more efficient public transport and improved commuter service.

Designated bus lanes reduce the frequency of bus start-stop cycles, leading to improved average bus speeds and lower carbon emissions for a more sustainable transport network. The lanes can be easily scaled and modified to adapt to changing road networks and bus services. They can also be co-shared with other vehicles to adapt to varying traffic conditions or road network to maximise road utility.

Our comprehensive suite of integrated and modular BRT solutions are designed to meet transport needs of cities and enhance connectivity, liveability and sustainability to improve quality of life for residents.

Solutions for transport agencies and operators:

  • Integrated Operations Control Centre
  • Advanced Fleet Management
  • Seamless Fare Collection and Ticketing
  • Integrated Smart Traffic Junction
  • Comprehensive Depot Management

Solutions for commuters and bus drivers:

  • Commuter-centric Bus Station
  • Real-time Passenger Information
  • Driver and Commuter Safety

In addition, we provide end-to-end project management from design, planning, implementation to operations and maintenance, backed by our deep domain experience as a Smart Mobility provider and in managing large-scale mobility projects around the world.

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