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Technology and Innovation

Technology and innovation are vital to maintaining ST Engineering's position as a leading global provider of engineering solutions in the aerospace, electronics, land systems and marine sectors. By challenging conventions, embracing new paradigms and redefining perspectives, we aspire to do better each time – engendering concepts and ideas that transcend the ordinary.

We forge a supportive culture of innovation that enables engineers to dream and push the frontiers of technology and engineering. From the depths of the ocean to the vastness of space, we have left our marks in the form of game-changing solutions that shape a better future.

We lead and believe in open innovation. We create communities where members are willing to and capable of co-creating and innovating with us. We harness collective genius and grow the community's capabilities in concert with innovators we partner with, to further the innovative engineering possibilities that we can create in the ecosystem.

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Sustaining Innovation

Sustaining innovation comes from ST Engineering's collective sense of purpose that innovation as a destination isn't enough, and our collective belief that sustaining innovation as a journey leads to constant reinvention. It involves striving for innovation in all aspects of business-as-usual, examining the operations, management, divisions, suppliers, customers and finding a seamless and structured approach to deliver incremental but pronounced improvements in product and/or service delivery.

  • Mobility Solutions for Defence and Security

  • Modelling, Simulation and Edutainment

  • Sensors and Electro-Optics

  • Aircraft Interiors

  • EcoPower

  • Littoral Mission Vessel

Promoting Innovation

To ready ourselves for the future, ST Engineering constantly prepares ourselves for the next wave of change with a sense of urgency towards innovation, harnessing technology in innovative engineering, and working together in a spirit of collaboration. Inspired and informed leadership guides our ability to evolve quickly, innovate and most importantly, interact with our customers.