For a more secure and sustainable world

At ST Engineering, we are committed to solving real-world problems. To push the boundaries of what is possible, we continuously harness technology and innovation to improve lives and enable a more secure and sustainable world. We deepen our capability building, leverage external capabilities to broaden our outreach, and harness synergies to accelerate innovation.

Driving an innovation culture

Innovation can take on numerous forms for an array of outcomes. In ST Engineering, we celebrate innovation through internal programmes and activities.

Leveraging external capabilities

We engage with business partners, universities and research institutes, as well as customers to exchange ideas and knowledge. This enables us to uncover untapped opportunities, knowledge and expertise, to create synergies that fuel innovation for a more secure and sustainable world. These collaborations empower our engineers and technologists to expand their horizons and amplify their impact. It also accelerates the deployment of technologies and propels innovation that allow us to break into new markets, deliver value and drive growth.