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Harnessing Technologies for Groundbreaking Solutions

ST Engineering’s Group Technology Office (GTO) spearheads research and development into new, promising, cutting-edge and multi-use technologies that can enhance our products and solutions, or pioneer breakthroughs to introduce new offerings.

In collaboration with the Group Engineering Centre, they drive advanced technology and engineering applications across ST Engineering. This enables the Group to keep ahead of evolving technological shifts and achieve a sharper competitive edge.

Meet Eugene Wee, Vice President/Head of Advanced Technology for Dual Use, GTO, who shares about our open innovation ecosystem and how it enables us to pursue groundbreaking solutions that create value for our businesses and customers.

Q: Tell us about what you do.

I see my role as being a technology advocate for our businesses. This means assessing advanced technologies to discover which can bring the most value to ST Engineering’s business areas. Because any one technology can have multiple use cases, our job is to work closely with our stakeholders to see how they can improve or create new products; enhance our processes; or create new ventures.

Q: Could you outline ST Engineering's approach to open innovation?

We collaborate with institutes of higher learning, startups, and research organisations worldwide to bring technologies downstream, translating them from research to products or services we can bring to market. Our focus areas include AI and generative AI, advanced robotics and autonomous systems, advanced materials, quantum technology, and green technologies.

I enjoy the opportunity to engage some of the most prestigious organisations and speak to some of the world’s keenest minds on technologies that our Group can potentially commercialise. The world of science and technology is full of breakthroughs that happen on an almost daily basis. The challenge for us is to ascertain which ones will make the greatest impact to ST Engineering.

Q: What do you want to achieve next?

I hope to see the application of key technologies drive new and successful ventures. Green and sustainable technologies, a key focus area, is a field I am passionate about and believe holds great potential for impact.

Q: What is your advice for those who are considering joining ST Engineering?

Working at ST Engineering means being part of a large, global organisation that has a culture reminiscent to a startup – one that is agile, open to innovation, and empowers individuals in their work. When working with technology, change is the only constant.

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