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Venus Unmanned Surface Vehicle

The Venus Unmanned Surface Vehicle (USV) is a highly customisable yet modular platform, designed to meet the growing interest in re-configurable USVs for multi-missions. Its modular approach facilitates the integration of multi-mission modules which can be configured for different missions and use without risking human lives and alleviate operators from mundane tasks. The Venus family of USVs ranges from small to medium size.

The Venus USV is developed to operate fully autonomously with multi-modal collision detection and collision avoidance (CDCA) software. Using Radar Tracker, Vision based obstacle/target detection and tracking, multi-sensor fusion and navigation chart processing to form the USV Perception, the Venus USV is able to perform autonomous manoeuvres such as waypoint navigation, dynamic positioning, manned-unmanned teaming, screening and blocking.

Venus has established itself as the Maritime Unmanned Systems in the Jane’s International Defence Review since July 2013.