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The VENUS USV comprises the Operation Control Stations, Cyber Secured Datalink Suite and USVs integrated with Mission Payloads. It is designed as a common modular platform to meet multi-mission requirements, such as mine counter measures and maritime security. The VENUS USV has various commercial applications in public safety & security, such as policing, fire-fighting, search and rescue, and underwater survey and inspection.


  • Highly customisable modular platform allows different mission modules to be integrated to the USV to execute various missions.
  • Equipped with an all-round visibility and robust perception suite that comprises radar and optical trackers, multi-sensor fusion and navigation charts to enable obstacle detection.
  • Safe navigation with its Collison Detection Collision Avoidance capability that is well tested and proven in the congested waters and high traffic density of the Singapore Straits since 2008.
  • Able to perform autonomous waypoint navigation, dynamic positioning, manned-unmanned teaming, screening and blocking. It also comes with a Portable Remote Control Unit for remoted controlled or autonomous slip-off and berthing.

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