Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Management

Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Management

Enjoy the best of both cloud environments – private and public with hybrid multi-cloud. Adopt a Hybrid Multi-Cloud strategy to achieve agility, diversify risks, gain competitive advantages and operation resilience with AGIL Cloud Management Platform.

Embedded with analytics, be ahead of the cloud game and empower your organisation with actionable insights to execute data-driven and strategic plans.

Empower your organisation with:

  • Multi-Cloud management and governance
  • Integrated Financial and Budget Management
  • Multi-cloud workload portability
  • Take advantage of differentiated features across cloud providers
  • Discovery, Assessment and Migration of workloads
  • Utilising multiple cloud providers simultaneously
  • Hybrid workloads
  • Automating tasks across multiple regions and cloud providers
  • Cost optimisation and arbitrage
  • Disconnected cloud management

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