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Let’s hear from Joel and Dawson on their motivations to join LeeBoy as interns and their plans for college

Joel Parrish

How did you become such a hard worker at a young age?

My dad never took any less. Also, I would give a lot of the credit to my high school wrestling coach. He kept us very accountable from an educational, physical, and moral standpoint. I plan to continue this strong suite of mine throughout the rest of my career. Watching some fellow co-workers here at LeeBoy has equally inspired me to do so.

What is your major going to be in college?

Supply Chain. I have seen the importance of this field during my summer career at LeeBoy. I never understood the importance and impact that this position had in manufacturing.

Dawson Cody

What inspired you to obtain a summer job between high school and college?

I worked for my dad, who instilled my diligent work ethic, but decided it was time to work out of the house to see where my interests lie before attending college. I initially wanted to work in the field of Nutrition, but this summer I changed my major to Engineering after being on the job every day.

What do you like most about LeeBoy?

I admire the family culture and how friendly and welcoming everyone is. I plan to stay on as a part-time employee once school starts in the fall. I hope to stay employed in various positions during college and go full time once I graduate.

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