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Paving the Way for Future Smart Cities

Smart urban living encompasses the synergies between built environments and their users. Managing buildings and cities to deliver more efficient operations and drive sustainability outcomes can be challenging to infrastructure owners and municipalities, especially with disparate systems and diverse data. AGIL® Smart City Operating System (AGIL® Smart City OS) is designed to bridge the gap between the built environment and the user experience.

Digitalise infrastructure

From the design and implementation of estate and field area networks, to orchestration of sensors and devices for automating data collection and equipment control, AGIL Smart City OS enables infrastructures to be seamlessly connected.

Optimise city workflow and processes

AGIL Smart City OS orchestrates city-wide events, from simple process automation to complex event handling involving multiple assets and workflows across disparate sub-systems. This enhances operational efficiency and boosts productivity.  

Minimise resource consumption and wastage

AGIL Smart City OS plays a vital part in optimising city resources from water and energy, to waste management and monitoring a city’s carbon emissions and pollution. This helps cities achieve greater operational efficiency, effectiveness and sustainability in its daily operations and for the long term.

Enhance user experience

Architected for multiple stakeholders with distinct needs, AGIL Smart City OS delivers intuitive user interfaces for varied users. They include governments, property owners, field staff, tenants, and public users.

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