Urban Solutions

Urban Solutions

Connected, Resilient and Sustainable Cities

We develop solutions to help you create cities that are liveable and sustainable.

Partner us to deliver solutions that solve real-world challenges and deliver urban efficiencies that make communities work; from a seamless commute to critical infrastructure.

A key contributor to Singapore’s Smart Nation initiatives and worldwide, we have been an innovative partner in over 800 projects in more than 150 cities. At ST Engineering, we design and create today the urban solutions, products and platforms that you will need tomorrow.

Smart Mobility (Rail)

We provide an integrated suite of metro solutions to enhance efficiency, optimise capacity and modernise metro systems, providing comfortable and safe rides for urban dwellers. 

Available solutions:
Integrated Transport Operations Centre

Smart Metro Systems

Smart Rail MRO

Smart Mobility (Road)

We believe the way we integrate, digitalise and automate infrastructure today, will set the benchmark for mobility tomorrow. Here is how we have equipped over 40 cities worldwide with smart and integrated mobility solutions to optimise operational efficiency and enhance commuter experience.

Available solutions:
Smart Traffic Systems

Tolling & Congestion Pricing

Bus Rapid Transit Solutions

Fleet Management System

Electric Vehicles

Commercial Vehicles

Mobility Services

Smart Utilities and Infrastructure

Whether for city management or urban planning, discover how we leverage artificial intelligence, automation, and advanced data and video analytics to make sense of data collected from sensors that will enhance your decision making and enable faster incident response.

Available solutions:
Smart Security

Smart Lighting

Smart Water

Digital Platforms

Smart Sensors

Network & Fibre Infrastructure


Urban Environment Solutions

We drive innovative technologies that solve real-world problems of living sustainably and resiliently in cities. As a leading global technology, defence and engineering solutions provider, find out how we protect urban liveability and transform cities into sustainable living spaces.

Available solutions:
Healthcare Robotics

Respiratory Protection

Sustainable Cooling

Environmental Engineering

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Urban Solutions