Reliable, Compact, Lightweight

Microwave Sensor Modules are compact and ultra-lightweight for all-weather conditions. It is reliable and highly responsive over an extended range to meet various speed, distance, angle, motion and occupancy-sensing requirements. The modules are designed to enable sensor solutions, systems and applications for various industries.

Complying with international standards, the sensor modules are engineered in state-of-the-art facilities that meet high standards for quality, safety and consistency in manufacturing. We provide a complete range of microwave sensors operating in various frequencies:

  • K-Band: extend applications to automotive, traffic and sports
  • C- and X-Band: for IoT, security, lighting and touch-free applications
    • K-band Motion Detector (MP131, MP132) – motion detection range of more than 12 metres, ultra low-power of 0.02 watts
    • K-band Ranging Motion Detector (MP331) – with motion sensing, ranging, speed detection and direction discrimination
    • K-band Traffic Monitoring Sensors (DF-Series) – accurately determine vehicle speeds up to 300km/hr for ranges of more than 300 metres

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