Industrial Cybersecurity Solution

Industrial Cybersecurity Solution

In the thriving digital economy, cyber-attacks have expanded beyond the realm of IT into the physical world of OT. The rise in the convergence of IT and OT network have increased the complexity of system connectivity. Critical Information Infrastructures (CIIs) will need to adopt a holistic solution that comprises technology, processes and deep expertise to defend their crown jewel against the sophistication of cyber-attacks in the ever-changing cyber landscape.

With two decades of deep experience and proven track record, we provide pragmatic and trusted cybersecurity solution to protect CIIs and defend against cyber threats.

Our deep engineering expertise enables us to deliver a holistic suite of cybersecurity solutions for OT and IT networks to detect anomalies in ICS and SCADA systems. The solution empowers users to maintain visibility and control of their OT networks via integration with SIEMS, Firewall and other 3rd party products. Thus, providing users with real-time asset visibility, network monitoring down to the electrical signals alongside Common Criteria certified products such as Data Diode, Diskcrypt and Black Computer. 

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