Floating Power Plant

Floating Power Plant

Efficiency, mobility and reliability

To meet the increased demand for reliable power, our floating power barge solutions can provide electricity to areas with limited infrastructure, including urban areas with rapid and significant growth demand.

As a mobile asset, it can also be easily relocated to affected places in the aftermaths of earthquakes or floods.

Compared to a conventional land-based plant with similar capacity, our floating power plant is more cost-effective and efficient.


Estrella Del Mar III

Estrella Del Mar III, the highly efficient floating power plant built by ST Engineering and Siemens Energy, will provide our customer with a highly efficient power generation facility, in Santo Domingo in Dominican Republic.

ST Engineering was responsible for the engineering design, procurement and construction of the floating power barge, the balance of plant and the installation of the floating power plant, while Siemens Energy provided its combined cycle power plant with a capacity of 145 megawatts (MW). 

When completed, it will provide the customer with a quality proven power plant at a lower cost in comparison to a similar land-based power plant.

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