Our History

Our History

Our Story

ST Engineering has come a long way with a rich history of delivering innovative engineering solutions since 1967. The illustrious journey over the first 50 years that has brought us to we are today is reflected in the formation, expansion and transformation of the Group. As we look ahead, we will continue to forge ahead and retain our leading-edge standing among our competitors in the world. We will further spark employee passion so that our people build meaningful connections with ST Engineering, a global technology, defence and engineering group.


Many pioneer companies were founded during this period out of necessity to support Singapore’s national defence. Driven by an urgent need to make a difference to a young nation defending itself, our pioneers learnt quickly to master the science of defence engineering and heeded the call to be commercially viable by setting their sights on customers beyond the Singapore Armed Forces and our shores.

1967: Formation of Chartered Industries of Singapore to manufacture 5.56mm ammunition for the M16 rifle.

1968: Formation of Singapore Shipbuilding and Engineering (precursor of ST Marine) to provide local capability to build and repair naval vessels.

1969: Formation of Singapore Electronic & Engineering (precursor of ST Electronics) to provide Singapore Armed Forces with electronic and electrical services.

1969: Won contract to design and build four missile gun boats for MINDEF in collaboration with Fr Lurssen Werft GmbH of Germany.

1970: Maiden ship construction project, a 25m ferry boat named ‘Kuala Batee'.

1971: Formation of Singapore Automotive Engineering (precursor of ST Kinetics) to perform high echelon maintenance and refurbishment of heavy military vehicles for MINDEF.

1975: Formation of Singapore Aerospace Maintenance Co. (precursor of ST Aerospace) to take over the services hitherto provided for the Republic of Singapore Armed Forces by the Lockheed Aircraft Services Company.

1978: Won contract for Building Automation System for Changi International Airport.

1979: Launched Ultimax 100, which is still the world’s lightest and lowest recoil light machine gun.

Commemorative Books

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