Urban Environment Solutions

Urban Environment Solutions

Advancing Urban Livability

With the world’s population rapidly converging in cities, it is these very cities that need to take on the challenge of sustainable urbanisation.

At ST Engineering, we drive innovative technologies that solve the real-world problems of living sustainably and resiliently in cities. We are committed to innovating solutions that mitigate urban environment problems and transform cities into sustainable living spaces.

Our Solutions

One Platform, Multi-Purpose

Our smart autonomous mobile robot solutions deliver goods and supplies wherever they are needed throughout the hospital. The T3 robot is capable of automatically transporting carts up to 453kg (1,000lbs). Zena Rx is a fixed-cabinet robot designed to securely deliver pharmaceutical goods, laboratory, specimens or anything that needs secure transportation. Aethon robots are proven safe, efficient, and make over 5 million deliveries per year.

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