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We know what it takes
to celebrate unity in diversity


We embrace diverse perspectives, backgrounds and experiences of our employees, and create an inclusive environment that provides equitable opportunities, enabling our people to contribute to the best of their abilities.

Our dynamic culture ensures opportunities for the exchange of ideas, innovation and personal growth. This can be achieved and sustained in an environment that fosters mutual respect and values a good mix of capabilities, perspectives and ideas.


We focus on building a gender diverse workforce where individuals have equitable opportunities to advance and grow at work.


We foster an environment that facilitates cross-generation mindset and work practices to increase cohesion and knowledge sharing.


We encourage the exchange of ideas and perspectives across diverse work cultures that leads to creative and innovative solutions.

Persons with Disabilities (PwDs)

We nurture an environment where PwDs have fair opportunities for growth and development.

Women@ST Engineering

Women@ST Engineering supports our diversity and inclusion efforts by helping to inculcate an environment where everyone has equitable opportunities to pursue their careers while balancing their work-life commitments. The initiatives cover areas such as family care-taking, professional enrichment, and health and wellness programmes.

Women@Work in North America

Women@Work is an extension of Women@ST Engineering, to better serve the needs of our female employees across North America. It supports our female employees to reach their full potential in their careers and personal lives by raising awareness of the importance of gender diversity and launching initiatives such as support groups and mentorships.