Hear from our scholars

Hear from our scholars

Nathanael Tan

Assistant Principal Engineer, Digital Systems

I’ve had the privilege to work with, learn from and be inspired by expert practitioners in ST Engineering and opportunities to glean broad exposure via contributing to large-scale, complex engineering projects and spearheading fast-paced, emerging technology developments. Working at ST Engineering has also allowed me to build a network within the industry, both locally and globally. The technical, professional and personal growth at ST Engineering has been invaluable.

A scholarship is both an award and a job offer, so if you have a passion for engineering and relish in the idea of harnessing technology to improve the world we live in, do consider applying for the ST Engineering scholarship. An exciting career awaits!

Nicholas Yap

Head, Fleet Management System

I’ve always been attracted to the exciting work that ST Engineering does. For one, we’re talking about large-scale projects with unique opportunities for development. Secondly, ST Engineering is at the forefront of its field. In terms of achieving potential, there’s great latitude to keep one constantly challenged and engaged.

This place is abuzz with exciting projects and I’m truly impressed by generous colleagues who willingly share their learning experiences. The greatest satisfaction comes from knowing that my work has contributed to efficient transportation solutions. It is empowering to know that my work contributes to the long-term growth of the company.

Abdul Malek Bin Mohamed Yusoff

Engineer, Marine

ST Engineering is a reputable organisation in Singapore specialising in marine, land systems, aerospace and electronics. I knew that it would be a great starting platform for my career path right after my undergraduate studies and was fortunate to be offered the scholarship.

At ST Engineering, I am provided with plenty of opportunities to learn about the various fields of work. I get to attend different courses every year to upgrade my technical skills, safety knowledge and project management skills. My colleagues, equipped with more than 10 years of experience, are always willing to guide and advise me whenever I face difficulties. I am also honoured to be able to work in an organisation that prioritises safe workplace practices.

Lee Wen-Yi Robyn

Senior Engineer, Land Systems

ST Engineering is one of the few large-scale companies in Singapore which has the capability to create products, from early design conception to full scale production. This means that as an engineer at ST Engineering, there is the opportunity to work through the end-to-end process of product creation. Thus far, I’ve worked in two departments, Quality Assurance and Operations, which deepened my understanding of the manufacturing process.

The most important thing is to figure out if ST Engineering is a good fit for you. Don’t be afraid to reach out to the existing scholars to find out more about the company, and if possible, intern with the company to experience firsthand what the working culture is like.

Scholarship Application

ST Engineering provides scholarships to enable young aspiring Singaporean talents to pursue their passion in engineering through the Singapore-Industry Scholarship (SgIS).

Scholarship schemes: 
You will be redirected to the relevant SgIS web pages via the following links.

If you are going to embark on full-time local undergraduate studies.

Mid-Term (Local)
If you are currently pursuing full-time undergraduate studies in a local university.

Mid-Term (Overseas)
If you are currently pursuing full-time undergraduate studies in an overseas university.



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