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COVID-19 Update

COVID-19: Ensuring our Employees’ Well-Being and the Safe Continuity of our Operations

The safety of our employees, customers, suppliers and various stakeholders is paramount to ST Engineering. Across the world, we are closely monitoring the COVID-19 situation and our offices have put in place strict measures that are aligned with the directives of the governments and health authorities in their locales to ensure the health of our employees and the safe continuity of our operations.

Precautionary measures implemented at our offices globally include:

  • Enforcing strict safe/social distancing measures, including limiting the number of employees at the workplace through telecommuting, staggered work hours and split team arrangements.
  • Enhancing cleaning and disinfection of our premises.
  • Providing wider physical spacing of work stations and common spaces.
  • Advising employees to adopt good personal hygiene and socially responsible behaviours. 

Many of our businesses continue to operate as a provider of essential services to serve our customers and stakeholders around the world. We will continue to monitor the latest developments and take necessary actions to navigate this COVID-19 pandemic.

Learn how we are fighting COVID-19 with technology and innovation.