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At the start of the COVID-19 outbreak, there were no playbooks for many businesses on how to cope with the rapidly evolving crisis. For ST Engineering, we turned to what we do best: using technology and innovation to solve real-world problems, and leveraging our expertise to support customers and partners through difficult times.

We galvanised our workforce and brought together our best minds and capabilities to support local ecosystems with proven technologies and systems and new solutions. Learn more about our role in the COVID-19 fight.

Robotics and Autonomous Systems

Mitigating the risk exposure of personnel in infectious areas such as quarantine facilities was a priority during the spike of COVID-19 cases in Singapore. We swiftly deployed our TUG Autonomous Mobile Robots and STROBO Security Robots to perform delivery tasks and surveillance respectively. See how our TUG robots take the load off healthcare workers to bring meals and essential items to patients across 33,000 sq m indoors at the Community Care Facility in Changi Exhibition Centre. Learn more about our solutions

Across hospitals in many parts of the U.S., our healthcare customers are able to focus on patient care and keeping their staff safe and healthy. Just as they did before the COVID-19 outbreak, our mobile robots relieve hospital staff by working conscientiously to deliver much needed medical supplies, linens, medication and more. Read more

Monitoring and Tracing

Large-Scale Temperature Screening with Thermal Imaging Technology

We invented the world’s first Infrared Fever Screening System (IFSS) together with DSTA in 2003, which was put to good use during the SARS epidemic, MERS and COVID-19 outbreaks. Thermal imaging technology and facial detection features in the IFSS enable non-intrusive screening of large groups of people with accurate fever detection. Close to 200 units of IFSS were deployed at airports, hospitals, hotels and commercial building across the world, including Singapore, Mexico and Vietnam. With our new Infrared Temperature Self-check System (iTS), a portable fever detection device with a thermal camera, individuals can check their own temperature within a second. Learn more

Contact Tracing with AGIL Trace

AGIL Trace is a software platform that supports remote workforce management and enables contact tracing within premises. With the ability to interface with various enterprise systems, including building access control and visitor registration systems, AGIL Trace provides analytics-enabled contact tracing and proximity history for enhanced decision making and work force policy formulation.

Hospital Operations Centre

To improve efficiency and optimise capacity, hospitals need to get the right patients by the right beds at the right time. Together with Tan Tock Seng Hospital and Integrated Health Information Systems, we built the "brain" of the hospital - a full Command, Control & Communications (C3) system that enables real-time hospital operations beyond bed management. It is a smart system of systems that can sense, think and respond to optimise patient flow and care delivery. Learn more

Secure communications

To provide strategic customers with secured communication systems, we deployed solutions such as cloud-enabled SMS gateway which enables quick and effective communications to patients at Community Care Facilities at multiple locations.

Protection and Thermal Comfort

N95 Masks and Surgical Masks

Beyond fielding our autonomous robots, our teams worked tirelessly to help Singapore restart local mask production to strengthen supply chain resilience. Leveraging R&D and expertise from our award-winning AIR+ N95 Mask, we are producing high-quality N95 masks and medical-grade surgical masks to protect our healthcare and frontline workers.

Mobile Swab Station

In support of the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF), we have worked with the Army Engineers from the Maintenance and Engineering Support (MES) Formation as well as engineers from DSTA to convert the SAF’s Cross Country Ambulance into a Mobile Swab Station (MSS). This allows the swift deployment of swab teams to various locations, without compromising the safety of our personnel. Compare to a typical modification project that can take more than three months, the MSS was operationalised within three weeks from conceptualisation.

Airbitat City Cooler

With its innovative Reevac™  Deep Cooling technology, our Airbitat City Cooler delivers powerful yet sustainable cooling to city spaces. To date, we have deployed more than 150 Airbitat City Coolers to provide cool comfort to patients and healthcare workers at various faciliaties, including medical tents at the Tanjong Pagar Community Care Facility and several hospitals. The cooling relief from our energy efficient Airbitat City Coolers provides a more comfortable environment and reduces heat stress for frontline workers. Learn more

Supporting Local Communities

Prior to the circuit breaker in Singapore, more than 200 employees volunteered in Project #BYOBclean, an initiative by Stay Prepared and Temasek Foundation, and distributed more than 4,000 bottles of hand sanitisers for households. We also donated more than of 4,000 bottles of hand sanitisers to the Community Chest, students of Assumption Pathway School and taxi drivers from Comfort DelGro.

To help bridge the digital divide, we aim to raise $1 million for the IMDA Digital Access Programme in Singapore. Through Community Chest, the programme will provide about 5,000 beneficiaries from low-income households with access to digital devices and broadband for daily tasks, telecommuting or home-based learning. The Group will match employee donations dollar-for-dollar, up to $500,000.