Advanced Manufacturing

Advanced Manufacturing

Turning your concepts into production reality

At ST Engineering, we harness technology and build for the future.

Our advanced manufacturing capabilities have served our customers for over a decade as a trusted electronics manufacturer. We offer high-quality, high-reliability and high-complexity systems in areas such as aerospace, land and naval operations, space and defence missions, commercial applications, autonomous vehicles, and transportation electrification.

We also provide expertise in turn-key projects from requirement specification, architecture realisation, design and development, testing and validation to certification and product commercialisation. By adopting Design for Excellence, our advanced manufacturing services will turn your concepts into production reality.

Our high-mix, low-volume manufacturing enables us to build components, products, subsystems and systems, and complete products for customers in various vertical markets:

  • Commercial Aerospace and Space Instrumentation Payload
  • Cellular Backhaul and Trunking
  • Defence and Electronic Warfare
  • Mobility Electrification for Air, Land, Rail and Sea
  • Industrial Automation and Robotics
  • Offshore and Maritime
  • Chips and Components, MMIC, Hybrids, RF and Digital Modules, PCB Assembly, OEM Boards
  • GNSS System and Autonomous Technology
  • Medical Electronics

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